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  • What happens to my account when I change jobs?

    Changing or leaving your job will not change most aspects of your Percapita relationship. You will still have access to the Percapita App. As long as your financial accounts (deposit accounts, credit cards) are in good standing, you will have access to those products and any funds deposited. If you are using Percapita Pay, you will no longer have access to that service unless your new employer is also a Percapita channel partner. Changes in your job status may also affect (increase or decrease) your credit line, to the extent that the change affects your ability to pay a loan.

  • What other products are you thinking about adding in the future?

    We plan to offer access to a range of products that will allow you to choose which best serves your needs to manage your finances, including: our Cash, Needs, and Goals Account bundle; Percapita Pay for earned wage access, plus additional products and services that are coming soon.

  • How do I get access to my money in the event of an emergency and internet systems are down?

    Access to your money is not dependent on your internet service. You can still access your money using your debit card at ATMs and at stores. In a pinch, you can call us at 888-302-5055.

  • What happens to my money if Percapita goes out of business?

    Percapita is not a bank. We are a digital company that offers financial services. Your funds are eligible for FDIC insurance up to $250,000 should the bank holding your funds fail.

  • How does customer service work with no branches?

    You will have access to a highly trained customer service team and won't have to wait in a branch line to speak with them! Our mobile app and website are designed to offer what you need at your fingertips. And if you need more help, we are available via mobile, web-based chat or phone. Best of all, having no branches means we have fewer costs, and we will do our best to pass along those cost savings to you in the form of lower fees.

  • How safe and secure are your digital services?

    Percapita and our service partners use industry compliant security systems to protect your data and your money. We take keeping your data private very seriously.

  • Can you direct me to FDIC insurance information?

    Please click here to access the FDIC insurance page.

  • How do I reach customer service?

    You will have three ways to reach customer service. First, you will always be able to use our Mobile App which provides information at your fingertips. You can also use our web-based chat service that helps our customer service team solve your problems quickly. Lastly, you can call to talk to an agent by phone at 888-302-5055.