Who We Are

Percapita is a digital company that offers access to financial services.
Our mission is to close the gap between financial services and financial wellness by making financial products more affordable and readily accessible for hourly employees and the people in their lives.

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Our Milestones

Our founders set out to understand how the American financial system serves - or fails to serve - the needs of working Americans.
Our research team of social scientists, engineers, bankers, and lawyers proposes a disruptive model for inclusive banking services focused on financial wellness.
Our model attracts the support of visionary investors who believe in our mission.
Experts across industries join Percapita to help us to expand and execute on our vision.
We build, we test, we learn, we laugh, and we refine!
Our financial wellness community is born
Our app goes live across the U.S. as we launch our first corporate partnerships in New York and California.
Commitments from corporate partners across economic sectors grow our pipeline and expand our horizons!
New releases will broaden our products and services, while our community grows and our research builds upon our growing customer insights. 🎉

Why Percapita

We are committed to providing you with excellent financial wellness products and services that will help you meet YOUR individual financial needs. Hear our CEO share more about what we are doing and why we love doing it.

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